Children and youth placed within TYRS Inc. are seen in the total "context" of their lives and not simply viewed in regards to their behaviours. We acknowledge that events and experiences from a child's past may shape their beliefs in the future. Behaviour results from these core beliefs, which they hold about themselves and those around them. These beliefs inform their behaviour and in turn, their behaviour reinforces their beliefs. These systems need to be looked at in order to effectively minimize personal suffering and modify destructive behaviour. We work with our youth to help them identify these systems and acknowledge the affect they have on their behaviour and to collaboratively develop healthier lifestyles and constructive behaviours.

Our homes employ a highly structured supportive environment that offer limit setting and experienced staff to manage necessary interventions. Life Skills programming, included in the house schedule, aim to support youth in the development of prosocial behaviour and basic life skills to allow them to function independently.

Our treatment program encourages children to learn from their immediate experience with those in the residence as well as those in the community. This kind of information is useful in allowing residents to understand how they affect others and how others affect them. In this way, the residents are able to:

  • Take responsibility for their behaviour(s);
  • Make realistic choices and engage in problem-solving behaviour;
  • Make constructive changes in behaviours;
  • Critique and change belief systems that previously encouraged destructive behaviour;
  • Work collaboratively with others;
  • Accept support and counselling for issues from their pasts that may be contributing to their current behaviour(s).


Terrace Youth Residential Services, Inc. has been providing a full spectrum of services to children and youth since 1998.  Our homes are located throughout Ontario, and serve males and females.  Since 1998, services have expanded to include day treatment programs, foster care programs and specialized treatment programs. Today, TYRS has expanded to provide treatment homes and services to over 20 Children’s Aid Societies and serving over 100 youth in group, foster and respite care placements.

Mission Statement

Within the provisions of the Child and Family Services Act; under the condition of the license issued by the Ministry of Community Family, Children and Social Services; in cooperation with the services receiving agencies; and with respect for the dignity and physical and emotional needs of the youth in care:

To provide the highest possible quality care to the youth placed within our homes; to offer them assistance and a safe place to deal with their issues; to guide, direct and assist them in their emotional, intellectual and moral development in a non-judgemental and supportive manner; and to help prepare them for their future.


The Residential programs are owned by Terrace Youth Residential Services. This company is owned and operated by Terri Storey. It is a private organization licensed through The Ministry of Community, Family and Children’s Services.


The executive director Ms. Terri Storey is responsible for the organization and structuring of the program. The executive director is an officer of the corporation and is directly accountable to the ministry.


Intensive services by their nature are more intrusive and may have a destructive effect on the life of a child and their family in that the child must live and/or attend school in an environment outside of their home and community. We strive to minimize this disruption by determining the least intrusive intervention that would address the resident needs.

Individual plans are goal oriented and are developed by Supervisors/Staff and outside agencies involved. Children and youth successfully integrated into their alternative placement can be helped to grow and develop in ways conducive to their return to their natural home, independent living or other appropriate placement.